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Hypobaric training is a type of training when the Hypoxico device simulates work (training) at altitudes up to 3800 m above sea level, which creates the possibility of increased erythropoietin, which increases the transfer of oxygen through red blood cells (erythrocytes). This improves endurance and maximum oxygen consumption. An athlete may be exposed to greater efforts with fewer opportunities for injury and fatigue.

We distinguish the two types of training:

  1. Intermittent training - 15 minutes at normal oxygen pressure and 5 minutes at reduced oxygen pressure (hypoxico).
  2. Continuous training – the training with reduced oxygen concentration and increasing altitude (training) - from 500m to 2500m above sea level.

In both types of training, the control is performed with a pulse oximeter under the supervision of medical staff.


Properly balanced diet, in addition to training, is one of the most important factors which allows athletes to achieve maximum results.
The importance of proper nutrition is manifold. It affects the preservation of health, as well as the accelerated recovery of an athlete, who, after strenuous physical activity, consumes energy depots, loses electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and fluids, and accumulates acidic metabolic products.
When developing an individual diet and supplementation plan, it is necessary to bear in mind the athlete's goal, the sport he/she is practicing, age, gender, weight and height; then his/her habits, number and intensity of workouts, etc. It is necessary to analyze many factors in order to adapt the diet to each individual.
Special importance should be given to children who have demanding sports efforts. A balanced diet plays a very important role in their proper growth and development, as well as in achieving the desired sports results.


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